I have a profound interest in creating works that convey certain moods and ideas.  Painting people allows me to convey these moods in a direct and relatable way.  My process involves sketching out the gist of an idea and selecting a subject that best elicits the feeling that I am trying to capture.  I often employ, heavy use of digital modulation to manipulate certain attributes or repeat certain figures. 


I was born in Greensboro, NC and took an interest in art in elementary school, often doodling on the back of whatever assignment I was supposed to be working on.  While in high school, I essentially gave up art, save for a few elective classes and took up music, later graduating from Weaver Academy. These musical pursuits led me to Nashville, TN where I immediately became indifferent to pursuing that field.  With my devotion to art renewed I went on to study fine art at Middle Tennessee State University.  After college, I lived and worked in Nashville for ten years doing a bunch of unsatisfying restaurant jobs.  In 2017, I moved back to Greensboro to start Foundry Studios and Gallery. I now paint full time. 

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