Commission Info



For all commissions below, $150 of the stated price is required up front for materials.  I also insist on taking part in every step of the process, so for all the below commissions, all reference photographs will be taken exclusively by myself unless the subject is deceased.  This is non-negotiable.  If more than 15 miles of travel from Greensboro, NC is necessary to get images all travel costs are to be paid by the client. Lastly, if you are familiar with my work, you are aware that I employ, heavy use of digital modulation and editing.  All paintings will be executed in a way I find most compelling unless explicitly told not to. 


16" x 20"       $500 

20" x 20"       $550 

18" x 24"       $600    

24" x 24"       $650 

24" x 30"       $700 

24" x 36"       $850 

30" x 30"       $900 

36" x 36"       $1,000  ($250 deposit) 

30" x 40"       $1,200  ($250 deposit) 

30" x 48"       $1,300  ($250 deposit) 

36" x 48"       $ 1,500 ($250 deposit) 

Larger than 36"x48", negotiable 


There will be an additional $150 added to the price for EACH additional figure, this INCLUDES pets              


 $250 9"x12" 


Images are generally taken by me, but can be negotiated if circumstances don't allow it (deceased persons, babies, difficult schedule, etc.) I will also allow the client to submit their own image if they have one that they especially like but I hold the option to reject it if I find the quality to be too poor to work from.  Submitted images are likely to be cropped by myself in order to fit a 9"x12" surface. 


Add $50 for each additional subject 


Add $100 to make it an 11"x14" 


Make it a 10"x10" at no additional charge 


2 ways to pay: 

$125 up front, $125 upon completion 

$250 lump sum 



Though I am willing to do pets in a different context, pets portraits are excluded from this special.  I am happy to recommend talented local pet portrait artists. 


A 9"x12" will generally take 10 days to complete, but each commission will be completed in the order in which it was received.  I will let you know how many are ahead of you and give you a more accurate timeline upon request.  If I need to ship the work, shipping costs will be added to the price of the work.